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Art Farmer

Art Farmer discusses the music business.

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Art Farmer discusses the differences between piano and guitar.

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Art Farmer discusses bootleg recordings.

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Q: “There’s a dividing line - which in some people is pretty soft – about the ‘business’ and the ‘music’; because the two words don’t go together really. There’s a point at which you’ve got to say to yourself ‘well, he’s right. I could do my tap dance a little faster but, uh, I don’t think I should do the tap dance at all’ so…”

A: “Yeah, these days kind of overlap, you know, someone sitting out in the audience can see where you can tighten up the thing, and then you have to think about it, whether you can tighten it up or not. Because maybe you need that time, maybe you really need it, but maybe you don't. So that's up to the audience to make up his mind about … with some sort of qualified opinion to take into consideration. I was in New York City a couple of weeks ago and I went to a very fine concert that was organized by a great pianist and teacher by the name of Barry Harris and he had about ... oh, it must have been eighty-some people on the stage, you know, with a big string section and a huge choir and about a 16-piece band, a couple of tap dancers and ...”