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Art Farmer

Art Farmer discusses the music business.

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Art Farmer discusses the differences between piano and guitar.

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Art Farmer discusses bootleg recordings.

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Q: “I really must say that I sometimes really don’t know about these kind of records [bootleg] because that’s there and it happens to be some excellent Mingus material. Am I, by playing on the air, helping out some guy who’s ripping off the artist?”

A: Art Farmer: “Of course, you are, but you're helping this thief. Of course, he is being helped and then a lot of people say, "Well, you know, there is some really historical moments that need to be recorded, that need to be available and if this isn't done, well, then we lose so much beautiful music.” Okay, well, I don't know the answer to that.”

Interviewer: That's quandary.

Art Farmer: Yeah, it's a quandary because, you know, you can go from here to next week talking about different opinions. Some people will say, "Well, there is enough beautiful music recorded already that you can go into the record store and buy." And then some other people will go and say, "Yeah, but this is really unique.” That's why they say it’s unique jazz. So what can you do? I don't know.”