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Art Pepper

Art Pepper discusses his musical integrity and perseverence.

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Art Pepper discusses the influence of his troubled personal life on his music.

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Art Pepper discusses his early days in music.

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Q: “Very few people have had the integrity, sincerity and the honesty in their music for so many years and came back to it after personal troubles and have not only gone on to play as well but I think, with much greater depth in your music than you ever had…”

A: “That's what I feel, too. Definitely, I feel that if when I reach the point to where I'm no longer progressing, you know, that if I'm playing just the way that, you know, just a certain style and I say, "Well, that's it. That's me and that's how I'm going to play." Then I really don't want to play jazz. You know, I can see maybe making a record, a commercial record or something. But as far as being a jazz ... then I'd say being a jazz player, I meant, you know, like for catch up or something, you know, those types of things. But being a jazz player, once you cease to create, then, you know, you should stop and that's what I'll do, and then my wife will have to go to work. Unless we get … our royalties really start to be good. Things have been working out very well.”