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Charles McPherson

Charles McPherson discusses artistic integrity versus commercial success.

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Charles McPherson discusses his musical style.

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Charles McPherson discusses starting out as a musician.

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Q: “Do you think it’s unfair then that say, a ‘Grover Washington’ sells a lot of records and a ‘Charles McPherson’ sells fewer when in fact you are producing a more meaningful music? I don’t want you to make the comparison – I’m making it for you. I would rather listen to you than Grover Washington…”

A: “Well, no. I don't think it's unfair because ... well, I see, you do. No, I don't think it’s unfair because, you know, what Grover Washington is playing, it's probably a lot more palatable to the average ear, to the average person than what I might be playing. It's, you know, more digestible maybe, and only because - I'm not saying it’s digestible because people are stupid genetically or innately so, - it's because of what they've been programmed to be able to understand and accept and blah, blah, blah. Do you know what I mean?”