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Charles McPherson

Charles McPherson discusses artistic integrity versus commercial success.

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Charles McPherson discusses his musical style.

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Charles McPherson discusses starting out as a musician.

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Q: “How do you play, how would you describe what you play? If somebody said ‘Mr McPherson, you’re a musician aren’t you? How do you play, what kind of music do you play?’”

A: “I try to play melodically logical. I mean, in terms of melody, I try to be what might be called melodically logic, which is, you see, yeah, well ... Yeah, I try to make ... In other words, melodically, I try to resolve anything I do at some point somewhere, you know, and rhythmically, I try to be as free as possible. You know, like to me, the rhythm is the aspect of music that makes it infinite. Everything else is finite. You know, you've got so many notes on the scale. You've got so many scales, okay? Rhythm is not finite at all. You know, there is just, there is no end to how many combinations there, you know.”