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Don Elliott

Don Elliott discusses touring.

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Don Elliott discusses self-employment versus freelance.

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Don Elliott discusses the influence of time in the military on his music.

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Q: “Why did you pull out of the act of traveling and the jazz life?”

A: “Well, I think it was in 1958, Ted, that I was working in a place called The Composures and we had some nice trios, Barbara Caroll and Marian McPartland and Billy Taylor. Cy Coleman played there. And I had a quartet. I was allowed to have the extra man instead of the trios because of the horn, you see. And like I said, it was in '58, Elvis Presley was coming in and Thelonius was going out in those days. It was just the transition period was beginning and I remember … I remember working that club and also a club called the The Bohemian, Cafe Bohemia, in the Village. To give you an idea, Bill Evans was my piano man. You know, we grew up together and if I may mention dollars, I was making all of $98 a week, I guess, working six hours a night, seven nights a week.”