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Don Elliott

Don Elliott discusses touring.

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Don Elliott discusses self-employment versus freelance.

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Don Elliott discusses the influence of time in the military on his music.

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Q: “When did you decide to be a musician, a professional musician – after the service or during the service you though ‘well, I’ll give this a try when I get out’, or what? Were you actually in an army band?”

A: “You know, it's always a matter of luck in becoming a jazz musician by playing with people as good or better. In those days, it was always people better than myself and really, it was the greatest apprenticeship you can have, you know, playing with Zoot, Bill Harris, Chuck Wayne and people who are really influencing. It was just wonderful. I guess, my jazz career, if I may say that, started in '50 with Sherry, although I played around New York City and Jersey at clubs and things like that as a pit band and got the reading in and that experience, you know, all different things.”