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Frank D'Rone

Frank D'Rone discusses accompaniment

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Frank D'Rone discusses the skill involved in singing

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Frank D'Rone gives advice for aspiring singers

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Q: “What would you tell somebody who wanted to be a singer? How are they going to learn, ‘cause you’ve gotta be a pro…”

A: Frank_D'Rone: “Well, first of all, you have to have the instrument. You have to have the instrument, which I think really is a God-given talent to have that instrument, you know, to begin with. You have to have a sound, a style, and then I think a lot of it is really notes trying to... “

Interviewer: “Pitch.”

Frank_D'Rone: “Pitch, of course. Oh, pitch, yes, and range. But notes also they're picking. In other words, if you're straying from the melody, you know, if you're not just singing the melody all the time, picking better notes and breathing properly, reading a lyric, you know, a lot of people think, "Well, if you can hold a note for twelve bars, that's great." Well, it is great, but there are some words that you or some notes that you hold for three seconds, you know, for effect or to get that particular phrase across to your audience. There is a lot to it. There is a whole lot to singing.”