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Jack Wilson

Jack Wilson discusses the influnce of his family on his playing

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Jack Wilson discusses his time in California doing studio work

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Jack Wilson discusses the output of jazz in California during his time there

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Q: “There are an awful lot of guys that just don’t like the lack of energy or something that they seem to feel is missing in California. You’re a strong and dynamic player and have your own personality and everything – I think you’d almost find it too slow a pace in California…”

A: Jack Wilson: “Well, at that time, at that time, I think in retrospect, people will look upon that period as probably the golden age for jazz on the West Coast because the 60s up until about '66 and there was a lot of activity on the Coast. There were a lot going on. Pacific Jazz was going on. The other company that Les King [ph] had going Contemporary, it was going on.”

Interviewer: “Contemporary, yeah.”

Jack Wilson: “Ironically, the company that I first signed with was based on the East Coast, Atlantic.”
Interviewer: “Yeah.”

Jack Wilson: “And I was the only one that was out there who was signed with an East Coast company and it was kind of a feather in my cap, but I was very busy.”