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Joe Pass

Joe Pass discusses playing solo versus with a group

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Joe Pass discusses where music comes from

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Joe Pass discusses his original sound

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Q: “I find it almost impossible to think of how one can come up with an identifiable style anymore. When you consider that there are seven million guitar players in the United States or something, how is it possible that the way you put those notes together and the way a Barney Kessel or a Herb Ellis or anybody else puts the notes together; that I know within four seconds that it’s you playing…”

A: “Yeah, you can identify it. That's one of the problems with young players today. They all have a facility and they all have a technique. They all have the knowledge, you know, schools and harmonies and if they have some talent or ear, they have an ear for music, they're home free. But the problem is that they don't have any identity. I mean, I hear a lot of players and I can't tell who it is until they tell me so. Who is that? Well, I never heard of him. You know what? And he sounded like as good as all the other players, you know.”