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Pete Candoli

Pete Candoli discusses his brother's musical talent

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Pete Candoli discusses his decision tobecome a musician

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Pete Candoli discusses the growth process of a musician

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Q: “When did you start out playing with professional bands – how did you decide to be a musician?”

A: Pete Candoli: “Well, my father was self-taught and band leaders were the thing and I guess, he had in his mind that both Conte and I were going to be big-time band leaders, I guess, I don't know. From a small town in Indiana and it just so happened that I was at Purdue University and Will Bradley came to town. Will Bradley and Ray McKinley and one of the trumpet players couldn't make the Jazz band and I was on campus and they said ... they'd asked if there is anybody on campus and somebody said, "Pete Candoli..."”

Interviewer: “That you're there.”

Pete Candoli: “Yeah, so I played with them on that night and we had a ball. Then a year later, we had a summer gig with the band. I think we were making $25 a week a piece. And we had a meal ... We had a restaurant in Sylvania, Ohio where we could get one big meal a day for $5 for the whole week. I mean home cooking, that was something.”