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Susannah McCorkle

Susannah McCorkle discusses her aptitude for singing convincingly in Portuguese

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Susannah McCorkle discusses her time spent in Europe

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Susannah McCorkle on being a published writer

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Q: “I don’t know – but it sounds to me like you sing in Portuguese very well…”

A: “Thank you. Well, I have had a lot of compliments from Brazilians, which really makes me happy and I have worked hard at it. I really don't like hearing people sing in English with an accent, so I really worked very, very hard to have as good an accent as I possibly can have and I've had a lot of Brazilians tell me that it's very good and somebody who was very honest with me, which I appreciated is a doctor who is in Washington and he said, "A Brazilian maybe would know you're not Brazilian, but every word is perfectly clear. You're pronunciation is really good and you sing like our best singers."